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CACVT staff will be offsite April 18th – 27th, returning April 30th to begin 2018 certification renewals. We will respond to correspondence upon return. Note: 2018 Certification Renewal Applications will be available online May 1st.

CACVT is proud to be the largest state veterinary technician association in the nation, with nearly 3,000 members!


CACVT is the credentialing entity and professional association for Certified Veterinary Technicians in Colorado.

  • We are proud to  be the largest state veterinary technician association in the nation, serving nearly 3,000 members.

  • We rank top 5 in the nation in number

    of credentialed veterinary technicians by state, with CACVT overseeing more than 2,000 CVTs.

  • We proudly uphold among the highest eligibility and maintenance standards for credentialing of veterinary technicians nationwide.

  • CACVT was one of the first state credentialing entities to offer a public online certification directory, listing all current Certified Veterinary Technicians.

CACVT 2018 Spring Conference – April 20-22, 2018
CACVT 2018 Western Slope CE – October 13, 2018
CACVT 2018 Student Symposium – November 2018 *CACVT Student Members Only*
CACVT 2018 Compassion Fatigue Recovery Program – December 2018
CACVT 2019 Focus CE – January 26, 2019