Are you a student?

CACVT welcomes Student Members!
Student Members are those individuals who are currently enrolled in an AVMA Accredited Veterinary Technology Program. Student Members are not credentialed veterinary technicians, but are eligible to receive CACVT membership benefits through graduation.

There are two ways to become a CACVT Student Member:

1. If you are an attendee at one of the following schools, you need only ACTIVATE your Complimentary Student Membership.

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  • Bel Rea Institute
  • Colorado Mountain College
  • Pima Medical Institute
  • VSS Student Assistant

2. If you are not an attendee at one of the above schools, simply apply for an Individual Student Membership. Only $15 activates you through your graduation!

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As a Student Member with CACVT you will receive all CACVT Membership Benefits, including:

  • Invitations and access to members only initiatives, services, education, and events
  • Discounts on CACVT and partner services, education, and events
  • Access within the highly engaged CACVT constituency and partner network
  • Powerful representation through CACVT on various state and national industry platforms
  • A legislative voice on issues pertaining to the veterinary industry in Colorado
  • Industry networking and growth opportunities

Student Members also receive:

  • Phenomenal student member rates for select CACVT events
  • Access to CACVT’s acclaimed Student Symposium: a full day of education and networking to assist you as you transition from your educational setting into the veterinary technology workforce.

Don’t wait! Activate or Apply for CACVT Student Membership today!