Incomplete and/or ineligible applications will be assessed a $30 processing and review fee to cover costs associated with processing and review of incomplete/ineligible applications. Payments will be reimbursed less the $30 fee and applications will be closed as denied. In order to certify following denial of an ineligible or incomplete application, a new complete and eligible application must be submitted. CACVT is not responsible for delays on account of denial of incomplete and/or ineligible applications. Late penalties may apply to subsequent application submissions.

**Please note that some browsers may auto-full information from one cell to another when completing this form – you MUST download the blank CE Submission form to your files and open it in a dedicated PDF reader to ensure that your CE information is saved as it was entered.**

  1. Download the CE Submission Form HERE or download the Apple/Macbook Version HERE*
  2. Open the CE Submission form in Adobe Reader or Acrobat
    1. Adobe Reader is free and can be safely downloaded here :
  3. Complete an entry on the CE Submission Form for each CE session completed
    *If you attended a multi-session event or conference each session must be accounted for individually
    Reminder: Online CE without a RACE number will not be accepted
  4. Open the print dialogue box
    • This can be accessed by right-clicking on the form and clicking the PRINT option, or by holding CTRL+P
  5. Change the destination printer to ADOBE PDF or SAVE AS PDF, then click save
  6. Double check the CE Submission Form for accuracy
  7. Upload the file to your online application on the application page

You may also print a hard copy of the CE Submission Form to be completed by hand and upload a scanned copy of the form, or clear cell phone pictures of the completed pages, to the online renewal application.

*Some Apple devices and Macbooks may reorient your entries to the text fields by 90 degrees, if you have this problem you may wish to try the Apple/Macbook version of the CE Submission form when going through the steps above

CACVT does everything possible to reduce costs associated with certification. Mail-in applications require additional labor force for manual data entry and scanning; they have a wider margin of error than online applications, resulting in high rates of incomplete or ineligible application submissions which are very rare with online applications; they present administrative challenges in regards to submission tracking and security.

Note: Mail-in applications take longer to process on account of third party involvement (postal service, financial institutions, extra processing labor).

CACVT encourages employers to reimburse certification fees upon proof of certification as part of an employer benefits package. Be aware that employers who are not reimbursing certification fees are not compeittive in the current marketplace.

Should an employer choose to advance certification fees for an employee by paying for the certification renewal application prior to its approval, verification of certification status will be available to that employer on the online certification directory eight weeks after the application is submitted.